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Thinking of starting a Tumblr account... thoughts? 

512 deviants said HELL YES!
352 deviants said Yes
203 deviants said I have no opinion and I'm proud of it!
191 deviants said Meh?
144 deviants said *~Tumbleweeds~* ~* ~*
59 deviants said What's Tumblr?

Devious Comments

kellock Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Professional Filmographer
DO IT! And let me know what it is :)
Risachantag Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
My Tumblr account is now up here: [link] Thanks for the support everyone!
ItazukiJet Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
From your poll options, it seems like you DO want one. There isn't a "no" lmao. Go for it!
McSwaggedySwagDaddy Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist








McSwaggedySwagDaddy Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, here's advice:

Okay, I have a tumblr. I've had one for a couple of years now.
And let's just say this:

I once had a thing called, "a social life," and things like, "friends," and "other websites to go to," and then, I got tumblr.

Once upon a time, I'd get on deviantART every day.

I haven't been on in forever.

So summary:

Get a tumblr if you're 593875109837% okay with having the best time of your life, and never seeing the light of day again.
And if you're okay with spending 95% of your time sitting at the computer alone, laughing.

Because I myself and a lot of other people are, and it's awesome if you are, too. It's totally okay also if you're not.

So if you're not, I would not recommend getting a tumblr.

0/10. F-. Would not recommend.

At all.

But it's a super fabulous and wonderful and beautiful and fandom-loving website with lots of fun and interesting people and I love every second I spend on there. So it's up to you. Obviously. Who else is going to make you a tumblr, I mean--


Caution: Whoa, you might get addicted to not just the site but to like 293570987 fandoms. Like the most popular ones, Supernatural (/SOB oh mY GOD THIS IS THE BEST SHOW IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE YOU DON'T EVEN uNDERStANND AND UGH FEELS AND :LSKdjgafSDK JS DEAN ;adsg SAM j;lshfawrjk ooH MY GODD CASTIEL BB COME TO ME AND LET ME HUG YOU TIGHTLY TOO MANY FEELS IN SPN DON'T EVEN LOOK AT IT IT BREAKS EVERYTHIGN IT TOUCHES), Sherlock (JOHN BB NO IT'S OKAY LET ME LOVE YOU COME HERE), Homestuck (tried. tl;dr), Doctor Who (L:Ka;lgdhhIUE:KGJL PONDS asdkjfart:KUSDGHGN DOCTOR NO a;dkjaiurIUHDG /SOB), and a few others, but those are the main ones. Others include Hetalia, Ouran High School Host Club sometimes, and a couple other animes. Video games, not so much, but if they're there, it's mostly Assassin's Creed (don't even get me started on Ezio I have too many feelings for that man and I just a;dfjag)

And you'll see this a lot:



a lot.

But that's okay because you'll probably end up shipping them, too, so don't worry.

And there are two sides of tumblr:

The hipster side

and us.

The fandom side.

But if you're the hipster side (Starbucks, refusing to like anything that's been made in the past 50 years) then that's cool and all, you just won't get along all that great with the fandom side. Posts with galaxies and supposedly inspiring quotes are ridiculed greatly within the fandoms.
So tread carefully on the hipster side.

Over here on the fandom side, there's lots of tears and artwork and tears and feelings and crying and love and awesome shows and a;djf;aldgja;ldsfj;aldj and lots of percentages about different things. And a great sense of humor.
I guess I'm biased though.

So summary:

:iconbluebulletplz: Two sides of tumblr: Hipster and Fandom.
:iconorangebulletplz: If you have a life you'd like to keep, DO NOT GET TUMBLR. seriously it'll be gone in like two seconds.
:iconbluebulletplz: Lots of fun tho srsly
:iconorangebulletplz: like loads
:iconbluebulletplz: but back on track

To add on, tumblr is filled with intelligent people usually. There are twelve year olds that tumblr likes to make fun of but that's okay because at twelve they really shouldn't have one, js. The majority of tumblr knows proper grammar and spelling and what a run on sentence is they just really don't care but they can use them and they know how. It's just the tumblr way. It's like a language. You'll learn it pretty fast tho if you get one, so don't worry.


Your sense of humor will change drastically after a bit just so you know.
But in a good way.
Everything gets a bit funnier.

And another thing about tumblr is that people are fiercely protective of things they love. Whether they be people (fictional or not) or things or shows, if they care about them at all, prepare to brace yourself for rants and feelings.
It's okay tho because even though it sounds bad, you'll probably do it too. At least once.

And don't be a dick. That's a big rule of tumblr. If you're a dick, people are going to knock you down until you barely even exist anymore. That's the ironic thing about tumblr. Just a warning. You can be a total dick if someone else is being a total dick to either you or something you love.
But yeah you can be a dick if you're being a dick in a joking way. Trust me people understand the difference on tumblr so don't worry about being misunderstood. If someone does interpret it wrong, then some smartass will come along and inform them of it, and it's okay.
So don't worry.

I can't really think of anything else to tell you about the wondrous place of tumblr. It's really fantastic. There are lots of talented artists and writers and people and they love talking to you. But warning:
Hey, some of these people are either shy or sensitive.
So you gotta be careful, too.

Okay, any questions and I'll be happy to answer them.

Oh yeah and it's common courtesy to follow back on tumblr if someone follows you, but obviously you don't have to.
Especially if you don't like their blog.
ALWAYS check out their blog first before you follow someone back. Cause if their blog doesn't appeal to you, then there's not much use following it, right?

Okay, much love. Have fun if you decide to make one!
And my guide is now over. :icondeanwplz:
Tera-Earth Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
*slow clap for really the best description of tumblr that I have seen yet.*

You forgot to mention how Adam is still in Hell, and we're still waiting for season three of Sherlock and like every fandom has their own anthem.

But honestly, yeah. Tumblr can be addicting and getting out of there? Hard. Like if you miss one day, then you might be going back like 60 pages just to get caught up.

And dont be intimidated by the fandoms or the hipsters. Just have fun, as long as your fun doesnt demean or insult someone else. And honestly, its okay to be on both sides. There are just as many gems to find on the hipster side as there is on the fandoms. Because in the end, we're all family on there.
McSwaggedySwagDaddy Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg a slow clap just for me?



We don't talk about Adam still being in Hell asdkjfa;sgk ugh and JOHN BB LET ME HOLD YOU COME HERE BB LOTS OF LOVE
And YES. For example, Supernatural's is Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas and I can't listen to that song without thinking of Team Free Will and just--


at least, it makes my heart hurt and sometimes my eyes water because man pain omg.

And this^

Seriously, don't be intimidated. It's all super okay as long as you're not a douchebag. So lots of fun. Lots of love.

And can I hug you :iconbrohugplz:

Because yes

We are all family.

And just like family, we all fight. And we cry. And we laugh. And we tell people how much we hate them. And then we throw ourselves on them (via the interwebs) and sob hysterically, proceeding to inform them how much we love and adore them.

So yeah lots of fun.

And asdkja;dfgja;dj yES


Because then I can sob along with my all my fellow fandoms. And it's okay because love. ; v ;
Tera-Earth Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
i really wanted to like or reblog this post before i remembered that this is deviantart and not tumblr, so I cant.

You're giving me so many feels right now and it makes me happy.

I salute every time for the avengers theme and cry for harry potter.

And yes, you can hug me. always open for hugs.
McSwaggedySwagDaddy Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
as;dkajsdg You're making me so happy knowing that I'm giving you so many feels that make you happy omg :iconcryhappyplz:
Hahaha, really? xDD Yeah, I do that all the time, too. I see something I like and I look for a heart or two arrows and then remember--

Away from home; out traveling.

So then I return to tumblr and everything goes back to being okay.

omg mE TOO YES




asdfkjADUFga; I'm just gonna kinda sit over here and love you now. :iconletmeloveyouplz:

Wow hey can I ask a super personal question for us tumblr people

you don't have to tell me, but if you do, you could just send it in a note or something if you don't want others to see because I understand 35098375%.

But would you be willing to share your URL with me? Again, you obviously don't have to you just seem pretty totally awesome so I was just wondering. ; v ;
fangirl801 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
OOOOH..... how i needed this advice a few months earlier. My life has gone far far away...
But there is so so so much JoJo there...
ArtistofChaos Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I would recommend making your main page one of random posts, if you do make an account.
You can add more pages to the account as you want them.
ryu-ren Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
I am thinking about starting one too.

Let us know if it's worth it.
Sol-Goodguy Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
well, tumblr is way more free than here, thats for sure.
deviantART is fucking dumb when it comes to mature art.
Sonira Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
you missed a good chance to type "tumblweeds"
Defy-the-fates Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
It's a scary place though, Tumblr is. Full of nutters. Much like me.
EarthboundSatyr Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I have a Tumblr, and I'd love to see your work there. It's not difficult to maintain both a dA account and a Tumblr account; I do successfully. :)
AngelicDragonPuppy Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
From what I've seen in the past, people who join Tumblr either start splitting their art between the two sites (which is frustrating to try to keep track of) or get tired of posting the same things in two places and eventually move fully to Tumblr. If you want to make an account then of course make one, but I really hope you'll still post art here for your dA-only watchers to enjoy.
pitye Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
It's really not as bad as non-Tumblr people make it out to be. It does get addicting, though. But you find awesome stuff on it, especially if you're a fan of something.
sarroora Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist
I ADORE Tumblr. It's like the Pandora Box of art, and a great source of inspiration. Will you create one??
chrislea Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
You'll get sucked in and never escape. Everyone thinks they won't become a Tumblr junkie, but they DO. Still, it's kind of fun, so go for it. ^_^ The less formal setting is great for those scribbles you wouldn't put in a gallery but still want to shaow off. (At least, that's what I use mine for.)
nnf247 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LeoArcana Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it is very addicting, but i freaking love it
sarilys Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Student Filmographer
i just heard that you get really addicte to this site....i'm waitting to finish my degree to get one actually
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