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Hi guys~

I'll be running my artist alley table at Supanova Perth this weekend! You can find me at stall 31 in the artist alley.
It'll probably be my last convention of the year, as work things are getting pretty busy.

SupanovaPerth2016Floorplan by Risachantag

New prints (since Oz Comic-con Perth)
Retro by Risachantag Dragons by Risachantag Zootopia by Risachantag Well Rounded Pokemon by Risachantag Overwatch Dragons Ukiyo-e by Risachantag
DBZ Chibis by Risachantag Overwatch Portraits by Risachantag Overwatch: Tracer by Risachantag

New pins:
OverwatchPins by Risachantag

PokemonStarterBadges by Risachantag

Colouring in pages (there's new ones, but not pictured)
ColouringInPaper by Risachantag

Anyway, hope to see you there!
Oz-comic-con-logo by Risachantag

Hey guys~ My partner and I are flying out to Melbourne for Oz Comic-con this weekend! I haven't run an artist alley stall in Melbourne since Manifest was a thing (I think it was 2010!), so I'm really hyped!

I'll have artwork poster prints, mini prints, pins and colouring in pages for sale. Here are a few of the prints! I'll be bringing some older paintings too, as it's been so long!

Overwatch: Tracer by Risachantag  DBZ Chibis by Risachantag  Alas, Poor Darth by Risachantag  Doctor Who: Box Full of Stars by Risachantag  Sherlock: A Study in Blue by Risachantag
Zootopia by Risachantag  Dragons by Risachantag  Retro by Risachantag  Final Fantasy VII: Supernova by Risachantag  Well-Balanced Droids by Risachantag  Kingdom Hearts: Light by Risachantag  The Stuff of Nightmares by Risachantag
Leviathan by Risachantag  Bunsen Burner Dragons by Risachantag  Maple Dragon by Risachantag  Excalibur by Risachantag  Is this yours by Risachantag  Waterfall Island by Risachantag  Phoenix Fox by Risachantag

ColouringInPaper by Risachantag

Colouring in pages - these are printed on thick Quill board and are tested for colour pencils, markers and watercolour.

PokemonStarterBadges by Risachantag

Pins! I'll have the Doctor Who set, these Pokemon ones, Ghibli, Avatar and a bunch of other types.

So yep, if you're going, you can find me in the artist alley, stall 26, near stage 3! See you there~!

MelbourneOzMap by Risachantag

Oz-comic-con-logo by Risachantag

Just one more day until Oz Comic-con Perth! I’ll be there with a bunch of new artwork posters, mini prints and pins! I’m also trialling a new thing - I’ll have some mindfulness colouring-in pages of some of my lineart pieces. 

Oh, and speaking of Oz Comic-con, I’ll be going to the Melbourne one this year! I haven’t been over there with my art in a good few years, looking forward to catching up with old friends too!

New prints this year:

Well-Balanced Droids by Risachantag  Bunsen Burner Dragons by Risachantag  Leviathan by Risachantag  Maple Dragon by Risachantag  Final Fantasy VII: Supernova by Risachantag  One Puuuuuuunch by Risachantag  Excalibur by Risachantag  The Stuff of Nightmares by Risachantag  Ancient Dragons by Risachantag  Unicorn Skull by Risachantag
Woodland Harpy by Risachantag  Alas, Poor Darth by Risachantag

Just look for 7th Heaven, near the cosplay area:

OCCPerth MAP2 by Risachantag

Hi guys, the artist alley map has been released for SMASH this weekend! 

The artist alley has moved to the level 2 in the Grand Pavilion (where the panels and screening rooms were last year). Alas, no view over the race course this year!

My stall is "7th Heaven", along the right hand side. Stall number 7 even, I'm sure someone had fun with that. =P
ArtistCircleMap by Risachantag

I fly out tomorrow, so if you'd like to preorder any prints or pins, please let me know by tonight! For info on preordering, see my last journal: Preorders for SMASH! in Sydney
Hi Sydney peeps~!

I'll be at SMASH! again this year, with tons of new art posters, mini prints and pins!

Unfortunately last year I ran out of a number of prints and had no way of printing extras overnight while in Sydney, so I'm offering pre-orders for prints this year!
ConventionPrints by Risachantag

Poster prints:

1 A3 print: $7
2 A3 prints: $12
4 A3 prints: $20 (any extra after that, $5 each)

I'll have the majority of my prints from the last three years or so - if there are any older ones you'd like, just ask.

Prints come in a plastic sleeve and I'm happy to autograph if you request it.

Mini prints (4x6 inch photo size)
$2 each or 3 for $5

ConventionPins by Risachantag

1 pin: $2
Ghibli set: $5
Avatar Pin set: $7
Doctor Who set: $16
Doctor Who set + Donna & Rose: $18

To order, just send me a DA note with your name and what you would like! Please pick up your order from my table at SMASH before 3PM Sunday.

See you all in Sydney!
Just one week to Perthnova! I'm excited for this one - with Nathan Fillion coming, I'll have to break out my Shindig dress again! I still can't believe they've managed to bring him to Perth.

I'll be running my art stall as usual this year, with a bunch of new prints and pins:

Fury by Risachantag Battle Bun by Risachantag Ghibli Pins: Contrast Set by Risachantag
Firefly: Still Flying by Risachantag DBZ: Super by Risachantag Disney Princesses as Pokemon by Risachantag Old School Pokemon by Risachantag

Here's the map!
Supanova2015Map by Risachantag

In addition... the flights are booked and the table is confirmed! I'm coming to SMASH! in Sydney again this year!

SMASH will be over the August 8-9 weekend at the Rosehill Gardens. I can't wait to catch up with my cosplay and artist friends and meet more of you fine people! I'll update with more info when I have it.
Woo! The two weeks of back-to-back conventions are over! (also, aww, no more conventions until June)

Swancon (2-6 April)

Swancon's the first convention I ever went to - it's a small (200-400 people) convention of all things geeky that takes place in a hotel. Kinda feels like home and it's drastically different to the big conventions. This year the guests were John Scalzi, Kylie Chan and Anthony Peacey. I think the highlight for me was hopping onto the world building panel with the writers, to assist by drawing a world they made up on the spot on the whiteboard! We ended up with a mountainous, low density, three mooned world of flying marsupial Octogoats. The second photo is me looking super evil at the ball, with the fan-made GoT throne.
GoHSpeech by Risachantag  ThronePhoto by Risachantag

My other highlight was actually the last day, as I got to hang out with old friends (and new ones!), play silly card games and attend some great panels. Finally, I was super honoured to win both the audience's choice and judges choice in the art show! Thanks so much! Also, thank you to everyone who bought my prints in the art show!

Oz Comic-con

OzComicConStand by Risachantag

Here's my little booth on set up day! Unfortunately I didn't take any photos during the convention itself. I keep expecting conventions like Oz Comic-con and Supanova to hit their peak, but they just still seem to be growing in size. I think I lucked out this year with the corner booth, even though it would have been nice to be closer to the main artist alley. Many, many thanks to Doug for helping out!

Fortunately, there were a few quieter times of day where I was able to get guest's autographs! I really wanted Billie Piper's autograph, and finally had time on Sunday afternoon! I brought along the print I'd had autographed by John Barrowman last year. I'm always pretty anxious when I have a print that I've painted of the actor/ess, particularly if it's one they might have been seeing throughout the convention! But Billie was SO SWEET! She seemed genuinely excited that I'd come to see her and brought her one of the prints and said I'd made everyone's eyes seem so kind. DaaaaaAAAAAAAHHH~~~!!! *fangirls*

BilliePiperAutograph by Risachantag
Although, she seems to have written "Beautiful werks!!" XD

Also, I thought I'd give a shout out to a few of the amazing artists who were there this year! You should check out the works of Angelina Lim, Austen Mengler, Miki Price and Ink and Pixel!
Hey guys, I'll be at Oz Comic-con this weekend with a bunch of new art prints!

Doctor Who: Through Time and Space by RisachantagIs this yours by RisachantagAquaphobic by RisachantagKingdom Hearts: Light by RisachantagAvatar TLA: All Things in Balance by RisachantagGhibli: Mononoke Hime Ukiyo-e by Risachantag
BH6: Selfie by RisachantagGhibli: Creatures and monsters by RisachantagKirin by Risachantag

I'll also have pins and mini-prints this year!

You can find me at stall 75, "7th Heaven", near stage 3. 
Occ15 Perth Eg 2 by Risachantag
Hi watchers! It's super late notice, but I'll be exhibiting at PAX with Stirfire Studios This weekend at PAX Australia!

Freedom Fall will be back, alongside our new project, Dead End Alley - a virtual reality zombie hack and slash game. You can try it out on the oculus rift at our booth. We're near the indie arcade, opposite Media Molecule.

So yep, would love to see you there! We also have some lovely new Freedom Fall merch, including laser cut dog tags, prints, badges and limited edition box sets.
Hi watchers!

It's only been a few months since Supanova, but I'll be back in Sydney again for SMASH! It's one of my favourite Aussie anime cons, so I'm really excited that it's moved to being two days rather than one! For the first time in ages, I'll be running a stall there, so look out for my 7th Heaven art stall in the artist alley! I'll be bringing prints and kanzashi, with my best friend, who will be selling her handmade origami crane earrings.

I'll have a bunch of new prints, as well as some older favourites that I've never sold in the eastern states before!

HttyD2: Dragon Trainers by Risachantag Ghibli: Mononoke Hime Ukiyo-e by Risachantag Ghibli: Creatures and monsters by Risachantag Kirin by Risachantag Leftover Gryphons by Risachantag Sherlock: A Study in Blue by Risachantag Doctor Who: Box Full of Stars by Risachantag River Runs Dry by Risachantag Waterfall Island by Risachantag
Hi watchers! If you haven't picked up a copy of my game, Freedom Fall, it's up in the Steam sales for 35% off ($6.49 USD). ...and it's the last day of the sales today!

By the way, we've also added two new levels and hard mode!

If you miss out, I'm sure we'll be on sale again in the future - I'll keep everyone in the loop when we are.

Update: I'll be flying out tomorrow morning, so if you'd like to preorder any prints, please note me before 9pm tonight.

For the first time, I'll be at Supanova Sydney as well as Perth! \o/ Sydney Supanova's just one week away (June 13-15), so exciting! (John Barrowman! Stan Lee! Grant Imahara! So much fangirling!) Perth is the week after, so it's the 20-22nd!

I'll have prints of most of my recent work, along with a few older favourites. If you'd like to, you can pre-order by sending me a DA note with the prints you would like, your name and which city you'll be at.

Standard A3 prints are $5, but if you pre-order, I can also print high quality, dye-ink A3 prints on 300gsm gloss photo paper for $10. As usual, if you order four and you can have one extra print for free.

Sherlock: A Study in Blue by Risachantag Sherlock: Three by Risachantag Doctor Who: Bad Wolf by Risachantag Doctor Who: Box Full of Stars by Risachantag Doctor Who: Dalek Dialect by Risachantag SnK: Stomp by Risachantag Spirited Away by Risachantag Waterfall Island by Risachantag SnK: Eren Jaeger by Risachantag Frozen: I finally understand by Risachantag  The Little Merborg by Risachantag

At the conventions, just look for the 7th Heaven stall in the artist alley. Here are the maps:

Sydnova Map

Perthnova Map

If you've already purchased a copy on Desura, we'll be sending out Steam keys soon!
Happy New Year everyone! Hope you've all had a good year (and if not, that this year will be better!).

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been super busy working on Freedom Fall with the team. We're getting really close to release now, so we're looking for beta testers!

For the Steam release, we'll have a bunch of new features, a couple of brand new levels as well as art polish and smoother animations! 

If you'd like to participate, all you need to do is send an email to with the following information:

Steam Name:
Email Address:
Twitter (if applicable):
Facebook (if applicable):
Google+ (if applicable):

You will also need to attach your System Configuration.

How To Find System Configuration

Mac OS X
1. Search Spotlight for the “System Information” application
2. Click “File”, then “Save”
3. Include the file as an attachment in your email.

1. From the desktop click: Start > Run (or windows key + r).
2. In the blank text field of the window that appears type “dxdiag” without the quotes. Press run or hit enter.
3. Another window should appear titled DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Near the bottom of the window click on “Save All Information…” A popup should appear with a progress bar, this may take a few minutes.
4. After it completes a dialog should appear asking you where to save the file, I would recommend saving it to your desktop (automatically selected) with the default name and file type.
5. Include the file as an attachment in your email

We don't have a working Linux build at this time, but if you are interesting in beta testing Linux (and have access to steam under Windows or Mac OS X) let us know in your email!

Have fun, and happy gaming!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I love you guys~~!!

I logged in for the first time in a few days to find a Daily Deviation on the Freedom Fall opening animation! OMG, so happy, it's like DeviantArt gave me a present! <3

Sorry I haven't been posting much art in the last couple of weeks, I've been working flat out on Steam-related Freedom Fall things (still can't believe it's all happening!). But I had a break from it all tonight - a lovely night out with my partner, I really couldn't have asked for a better birthday!
Super excited~ I'm off to Melbourne this coming week for GCAP (Aussie game development conference) and the Australian Game Developer Awards! Freedom Fall's been nominated for Game of the Year and Excellence in Design! We're up against some amazing games from established studios, so I'm not sure what our chances are, but it's such an honour to be nominated!

It's my first major game conference, looking forward to meeting more Aussie game developers, going to panels and workshops (learn ALL THE THINGS~!).

Speaking of Freedom Fall, thanks to all the support on Greenlight, we're getting very close to the top 100 now, which is where you need to be for consideration to get greenlit. If you have a Steam account, please vote (or if you have, ask your friends to!) Freedom Fall on Greenlight We'll have some new features for the Steam release if we get through, which I should be able to announce soon! =)

Hi guys, I'll be in Melbs for a few days for a game development conference later this month, and it just happens to be right after Armageddon, so I'm considering extending my stay for it. There's less than two weeks to the con, tables sold out months ago so this is a long shot: Does anyone have spare space on their artist alley table? Will pay appropriate proportion of the fee, help mind if you're on a break etc. 

We had some fantastic entries! The development team has deliberated, and the watcher votes are in! So here goes...

First place (decided by the development team) goes to...

Freedom Fall Contest by I-Am-Bleu

Freedom Fall Contest by :iconi-am-bleu:

We all thought I-Am-Bleu had a great style, super cute and very much in character for Emphie!

Watcher's choice goes to...

Freedom Fall- I'll motivate you while you run by Veleven

Freedom Fall- I'll motivate you while you run by :iconveleven:

Side note... the dev team all loved this Veleven's picture as well! The style is super-expressive, that chair idea and character is just awesome!

Honourable mention goes to...

The Princess by junweise

The Princess by :iconjunweise:

It was interesting to see this grown-up version of Emph, nice rendering and movement!

We'll be contacting all the winners shortly with prize info, congratulations to all of you! Also, many thanks to everyone who entered, it was lovely to see everyone's different styles and ideas!

Hey guys, there was a little ambiguity over the exact closing time for the fanart competition, so we'll accept entries until 11:59pm UTC on August the 2nd! 

New York: 20:00 (8pm, August 2nd)
UK: 01:00 (1am, August 3rd)
Eastern Australia: 10:00 (10am, August 3rd)

Check your local timezone for exact times:…

Freedom Fall Fanart Competition by Risachantag
Hey guys, don't forget the Freedom Fall Fanart Competition closes on August the 1st! Just 6 days to go!

Freedom Fall Fanart Competition by Risachantag